Slane Irish Whiskey's signature triple casked process

A Blend of Three Casks

You can taste the richness of Slane Irish Whiskey in every sip.

And it all begins with a local grain. And a local recipe from a by-gone era.

At Slane, we distill barley, and only barley, making us a pretty unique distillery.

A key ingredient of our blend, some of it’s brought in, some of it’s grown on our very own estate, but it’s always Irish.

With it, we create all three traditional Irish whiskey types – Pot Still, Grain and Malt – all fermented in traditional wooden washbacks. These characterful spirits are quietly maturing as we speak and will become our future whiskeys.

But in the meantime, we’ve sourced mature Malt and Grain whiskey from other Irish distilleries which we’ve split into three carefully selected casks: virgin oak, seasoned American whiskey and Oloroso sherry to create that unforgettable flavour you know and love.

After ageing comes expert blending by our master-craftsmen on-site. And after blending comes perfection.

Slane Irish Whiskey's signature triple casked process
Toasted Oak & Vanilla
Plum, Banana & Butterscotch
Raisin & Spice

Three unique casks for a uniquely complex spirit

Medium Char, Heavy Toast, Contributes Flavours of Toasted Oak, Vanilla

Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon Barrels, Contributes Flavours of Caramel, Plum, Banana, Butterscotch

Oloroso Casks, Contributes Flavours of Raisin and Spice

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