A Perfect Blend Of Three Casks

Our master craftsmen wait for the perfect moment to create a truly trailblazing whiskey, blended from three casks with a trademark taste found in every sip.

Our Indigenous Spirit

Whiskey making is an ancient craft that has existed on our island for over a millenia. The techniques existed before written records, and for centuries methods were handed down from generation to generation. The fertile soil and clear water made the Boyne Valley a hive of whiskey crafting and we’re proud to follow in the footsteps of this thousand year old tradition.


An Irish Whiskey deserves an Irish barley. That’s why at Slane Irish Whiskey we use only 100% homegrown Irish barley, much of which we grow on the Conyngham family lands that surround our distillery.


A corner-stone of the whiskey making process, this makes the magic happen.


Situated on the banks of the ancient river Boyne, this soft water with just the right balance of minerals is the source of everything we do.

Production Process


A key ingredient of our blend, some of our barley is bought in, and some is grown on our very own estate, but it's always Irish.


All of our whiskey washes are fermented in traditional wooden washbacks and fermented longer for a more complex flavour.


Our malt and pot still whiskey are triple-distilled in handcrafted copper stills.


After distillation, our whiskey is carefully casked into 3 selected barrels - virgin oak, seasoned Tennessee whiskey and Oloroso sherry, and allowed to mature.


Once the whiskey is matured, we expertly blend the three cask types together to get Slane Irish Whiskey. Which we then bottle for you to savour.