Two Families. One Goal

With the vision and historic lands of Slane’s Conyngham family and the 147-year-old whiskey-making mastery of Kentucky’s Brown family, we’ve brought exceptional whiskey back to the Boyne Valley for generations to come.


Whiskey crafting is an ancient art unique to Irish heritage. Harnessing this history, Slane Irish Whiskey mix millenia old techniques with modern methods to create a truly trailblazing whiskey.

Uncover a Time Discover the Taste

Where Slane Distillery sits, it’s just a short step to the ancient Irish passage tombs of Bru Na Boinne. This is the Boyne Valley and it’s steeped in time and tradition; two ingredients integral to the whiskey making process.

It Takes A Village

Slane is a village we’re proud to call home, because it’s home to an array of craftspeople just like us. From farmers and butchers to cheesemakers and cider specialists, the spirit of Slane Village makes the spirit of Slane Whiskey.