Surrounded By Nature, Steeped In History

There could be no better setting to create a complex whiskey than amongst the fertile land and rushing water of the Boyne Valley. A land awash with history, from the prehistoric monuments at Newgrange to the Hill of Slane. Where else would we want to make whiskey?

A Special, Unforgettable Place

A small, attractive village on the north bank of the River Boyne, its period houses and strong, welcoming sense of community has long attracted locals and visitors alike.

With farmers, cheesemakers, butchers, cider makers, publicans, artists, musicians, and now distillers amongst our residents, we’re proud to call our whiskey Slane after our home and to help build on the longstanding legacy of Slane Village.

An Ancient Art

Slane Irish Whiskey wasn’t the first whiskey to come to Slane. The natural resources of the Boyne Valley attracted many budding whiskey craftsmen. But over time, this ancient art was all but lost.